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Bungee Launch
This is the most economical thrill attraction on the market today the sensation of a strong acceleration, then an impression of high altitude with, at the highest point of the ejection, the feeling of weightlessness, followed by a short free fall feeling, on the first way down. Altogether, an ejection is impressive, but not scary. Operation: The rider comes at the centre of the platform; the operator harnesses him. The harness, equipped with 2 shoulder straps, is held back onto the ride frame through a “release hook”. On each side of the harness are elastics, which are connected to ropes; the ropes are themselves winding round an electrical hoist. Depending on the rider’s weight, the rider gives more or less tension to the elastics. This allows riders from 40 to 110 kg to ride (above 90 kg, an additional elastic is necessary). Then elastics are given tension, and the operator releases the rider by opening the release hook. The rider is propelled to a height that can reach 18 meters. The turnaround time of each ejection is of 2 mins 30s to 3min, which allows 20 to 25 riders per hour.

  • The rider climbs on the platform: 10 seconds
  • Harnessing of the rider: 40 - 60 seconds
  • Elastics adjustment: 10 - 20 seconds
  • The release hook is locked on the harness: 25 seconds
  • Ejection and bounce back: 10 seconds
  • Elastics are set loose and the rider goes down: 25 second
  • Un-harnessing of the rider: 10 seconds
  • Exit of the rider from the platform: 10 seconds
  • Total: 150 - 180 seconds (2mins 30sec to 3min)
A simple design and easy to set up, the Bungee Launch is made of a 40 m2 dismountable base, on which the two 15 m masts are attached (each mast, dismountable as well, is made of 3 parts: 6 m, 6m and 3 m long) The base is covered with metal anti-sliding flooring. A very high quality electrical hoist, located under the metal flooring, communicates tension to the elastics, through ropes winding round its pulleys, the elastics being they connected to the harness.
  • The masts are swung up in vertical position thanks to a manual hoist; no ladder is necessary.
  • The longest parts are 6 m long (there are 4 of them).
  • The heaviest parts weight is 90 kg (there are 4 such parts).
  • The whole structure is made of 19 parts, several of them being twins.
Thanks to a clever design, only 2 hours and 2 persons are necessary to set up the ride. For safety, all moving parts (ropes, pulleys, carabineers) have been doubled, each one of them enjoying a security coefficient up to 15 times higher than the requested value. In operation, the structure turns out to be very rigid, a proof of robustness and longevity. The structure overall height is 15 m; the maximum ejection height is 18 m.

The Bungee launch requires a very limited maintenance. The parts to be regularly inspected are the ropes, the elastics and the harness. The elastics are changed every 8,000 to 10,000 ejections. The harness every 30,000 ejections. This is made through a visual assessment of the wear and tear. Only the ropes have to be changed every year. In Europe, the maintenance cost amounts to approximately 1% of the revenues.

  • Foot print : 40 m2 - 6 m x 6.30 m
  • Overall height: 15 m
  • Clearance required: 20 m
  • Weight: 980 kg
  • Power supply: Voltage adapted to the country of use: 220/240 volts
  • A steel base structure (painted in any colour you choose included in the price)
  • Pin sleeve assembly, with no-play tightening.
  • Heavy duty industrial hoist with oil bath gear.
  • Heavy duty rope, 11 mm – doubled , 3,000 kg breaking point (coefficient : x 10)
  • Complete harness (with shoulder straps) Custom-designed for this attraction. (Tear-off breaking point 1,600 kg (coefficient: x 10.5))
  • Karabiners and pulleys – Breaking point 23 kg ( coefficient : x 15)
  • Manual hoist for mast erection with capacity : 1600 kg
  • Elastics 10 or 12 mm- High resistance double sleeve.
  • Ride capacity: 20 to 25 riders per hour price per ride 10.00 pounds 250 pounds per hour 1000 pounds can be taken in a 4/5 hour period.
The Trailer version will be extra please call for further information.
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